Friday, April 8, 2011

Flash Back to October!

In October, my mom Flew me home for a long weekend! SO AWESOME! I loved it! I hadn't been home in (I think in 2 years)While we were there we went apple picking!

Here is Mom in front (watching where she walks)
Amy on the left, you can see the top of Kory's head and Sydney on the right!
Here is Amy and I  We don't look anything a like do we?? :)

Here is mom taking a picture of Amy taking a picture. SO SILLY! We took a hay ride around the farm and picked a pumpkins and walked around. Looking at all the weird shaped gourds. Syd picked one that looked like a swan!
Here is Sydney and I I love this picture!!!
I think Kory is asking if it was time to go or not.. :)
Got to have a self portrait! 

Here we are!


It was so good to see everyone! The day before I flew home Mom made ALL of my favorite foods and the entire family came over to scarf it all down! Sometime I really miss living close to my family!


Ruthykins said...

that looks like you had a really good time. so nice when these things happen

Amy said...

we miss u too!!!!!!

TrudyFilbert said...

That was the best visit we've ever had.........girls day was so much fun!!!!!