Sunday, April 3, 2011

Getting to know me!

A Blog I follow filled out this survey below and asked us who follow her blog to fill one out too.. so here it goes! 

If you want play along! Comment below so I can visit your blog and "Get to know you"!

Here I go: 

Making: A new top (hopefully for me to wear!)
Cooking: Just made yummy chicken strips. Thinking about making some freezer jam
Drinking: Dr. Pepper
Reading: "Tell No One" By Harlen Coban
Wanting: More time in my day!
Looking: forward to a few days away with my husband!
Playing: Pandora
Wasting: Time so I don't have to swap the laundry
Sewing: This week I made 5 pairs of PJ paints (one for my sister) and curtains for my sewing room
Wishing: The Laundry would swap itself
Enjoying: A Great weekend at home!
Waiting: for the buzzer!
Liking: Borders and their 80% off!!
Wondering: If the shirt I'm making will fit!
Loving: My husband and our 2 dogs (and the cat...I guess)
Hoping: for more!
Marvelling: at how wonderful our life is! We might not have much but we have our faith and our LOVE!
Needing: honestly, nothing!
Smelling: The stinkiness of the oven! (It's self- cleaning) OH, AMY did I tell you that I figured out it is self cleaning!!!
Wearing: pajamas and a t-shirt
Following: BLOGS! (more like stalking)
Noticing: How talented people are!
Knowing: That I belong to the only true church on this Earth!
Thinking: That I need Lotion!
Bookmarking: BLOGS!
Opening: New patterns!
Giggling: at the animals. They are SO funny and DUMB all at the same time
Feeling: Loved!

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Allison said...

Fun! Thanks for playing along with me! You have such a pretty blog, and your dogs are so cute!

Amy said...

LOVE IT!! I'm going to do it too!! And Cool that you figured out your stove!! Love you!!

TrudyFilbert said...

This is very cool!!! and funny how much alike Amy's answers re to yours!