Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Here's something I've been working on. In one day I made 4 pairs of  Pajama pants. 3 for me and 1 for Ira.
Here is the pattern I got. I think my MIL gave it to me. It's a great pattern for Ira I just add a few inches to the bottom so they are long enough for him.

I LOVE the striped fabric! Those are mine. I was hoping I had enough fabric to make Ira a matching pair but I didn't so I was selfish and made them for myself!
Here's another view of them. They are SO easy to make. Once I cut all 4 peaces out it took MAYBE 20 minutes to sew them together. SUPER EASY!


Ruthykins said...

awesome! those fabrics look really fun

jessiewessie said...

I bet those stripes make you look really tall =)

Amy said...

UMMMM hello???? One for me too!!!!!!!!!!! do you want me to pay shipping :) I will!!!!

TrudyFilbert said...

cute fabric..........don't forget to mail Amy's pants......she's waiting!!!!!