Tuesday, March 29, 2011

DI... For you non-Utahin' people... Dessert Industries!

DI is the LOVE of my life! I LOVE walking in and finding all the treasures other people don't want anymore!

My "new" (to me) church bag! It's perfect cute, and was only $1.00!! Pure love!

You can't  really see it but the sign above the pictures says families forever... a Perfect RS project someone got tired of. I put it in my living I have some greenery above it now. and as Latter Day Nigh Biscuit would say... "My house is a home" best part! $1.00!!!!

This HUGE star I found at a garage sale. It was hanging above their garage. Everything was make offer! I got it for $5.00 and now it's hanging in my landing area upstairs! I LOVE it, the husband hates it. (I really don't know why)

I have this little baggie I keep spare change in, LOL I have a huge stash of it... it's my DI fund. Normally I cash it in and take dollars with me, I forgot to cash it in one day and when I got up to the counter I had to pay with change all $15.00!!! SO FUNNY Luckily it was a quiet day and no one was behind me.


Ruthykins said...

awesome! i love the star. if ira makes you get rid of it i'll take it.

Emily said...

um...Ira doesn't make me do anything. Don't worry it's staying where it is!

Amy said...

love it im excited about going to garage sales this summer now!!!