Tuesday, March 29, 2011

After Thankgiving comes Christmas... Right???

So if you live in Utah, and it's Christmas time, what do you do? DUH, you go see the lights at Temple Square!
Here is Ira and I in front of the Salt Lake Temple! What the heck is up with his expression???

We had this bright idea to take the train down to SLC instead of driving so we didn't have to worry about parking! SO MUCH FUN! We drove to Ogden hopped on the Front Runner and then took TRAX around Salt Lake, the cost was $10.00 round trip! AWESOME! Crystal and I started singing Popcorn Popping and the entire train started singing along with us!
Ira has never seen the inside of the tabernacle, To our surprise a teenage boy was playing the organ OH MY GOSH what a talented young man!

I just loved all the lights and SO MANY nativity scenes Really it was all so Beautiful! 
Even in the cold of December one single flower!

So pretty isn't it??

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Amy said...

beautiful!!! yeah your blogging I'm so happy!!!