Saturday, October 30, 2010

Filling you in...

Here we go! I'm not sure if I'll have any pictures in this post, we'll see what I come up with.

OK, so I did January; In February Ira and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. I honestly can't remember what we did, (sadly it's been too long...) I'm sure we went to dinner and spent the evening together. We are both grateful to each other for the 6 (almost 7 now) years that we've spent together! I truly love that man I call a husband! :)

March and April were HARD months for us! Our previous landlord was giving us a hard time about renewing our lease and then NOT coming through with things promised. Ira and I prayed about it and decided NOT to renew with them. They didn't like that, so they filled court orders to have us removed from the home.. LONG story short we moved within a week's time. Luckily for us a dear family in our ward was in Mexico doing a Teacher exchange program and offered us to house sit for them.

In May my mom came to visit! WAHOO FOR MOMS!!!! Her visit lasted for 2 1/2 weeks! We had SO much planned... We went to Women's Conference at BYU This was her first time and what a great time we had! I LOVE LOVE LOVE listening to all the of speakers and learning ways to improve my life! I can't wait till next year!

My Nephew was getting baptized in Logan that same weekend so My mom and I met up with Ira in Logan and my mom got to spend a weekend with the CRAZY Coltrins!

We then drove back to Dayton, NV. Yes, mom got to experience the MOST BORING STATE TO DRIVE THROUGH! More boring than Nebraska!

Now, during the months of May and June Ira and I were praying for a decision about our living situation. Our house sitting was coming to an end and we needed to decided if we were going to stay in NV, or move to Uh-tah! I was feeling so distraught about moving or staying. I didn't want to leave Ira's Family or my job, and I wasn't feeling good about staying. So I told Ira that we weren't going to move because I couldn't get the right answer. As soon as I told my boss that we weren't going I just got this SICK feeling and new that wasn't the right answer.
For some reason or another we were supposed to move to Utah.

So that lands here. We live in Utah.

I love Utah! I love the fact that you can see the temple from ALMOST anywhere in Logan it's the best!

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