Saturday, October 30, 2010

The BIG WINTER storm

Well the last REAL blog I did was christmas...
This morning I have the house to my self I don't have to be at work until 2, I have GREAT music on the house is clean....It's blogging time!

Please note! This storm happened At the beginning of January!
(YES I HIT 2010!!)

This is our back yard! The dogs LOVED IT!  We got 3ft. of snow! The night before this storm rolled in we were to have a Managers Meeting for Work, well I got a call from my boss in which she said she was going to cancel the meeting. I gave her a REALLY hard time about canceling..."It's just a little snow, pansie!"

A little snow my BUTT!        

Ira's Brother Tony came over with the 4 wheelers to Plow us out! 

HOLY COW I haven't seen that much snow in YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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