Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The New House

As you may or may not know Ira and I moved AGAIN

(It must have been April...we always move in April)

We are in a great neighborhood and right around the corner from Church and the Library.
It takes us about 1 min. to get to church and Ira's brothers house.
(Gotta be close for game night!!)

It takes just a few minutes for me to walk to work and even less if I'm riding my bike, talk about gas saver.
The house is 3 bedrooms, 2 bath with a HUGE kitchen and VERY Large back yard, which is good for the dogs to play!

Here are a few pictures of Casa De Coltrin

Our Entre way

Here's our kitchen! I'm not so sure I like the counter tops it's an ugly green, BUT it works for now.

(blogger is being dumb...it won't let me post anymore pictures... I'll try again later.)


EmmaP said...

fun!!!! hopefully i'll get to see you when i come in about 6 weeks!

ann said...

love that the cat is peeking around the corner! hope to see more soon!!

Anonymous said...

sorry this is anonymous but I can't remember my pass word. I love your house! Very cute.