Friday, October 24, 2008

Card Swap

Each month a group of ladies from church get together and do a "card swap". This is where we are given a topic (IE: Thank-Yous, Christmas, Etc.) We each make twelve cards/tags to swap with the other ladies. Whom ever is the host that month will instruct the other gal's on how they made their card and then we make it, swap, and then spend an hour or so chatting and eating.

Here's the tag I made. I'm so ashamed... I didn't use a single rubber stamp... :p It's all stickers and paper cutting, well I also sewed along the edge. Oh well!!!

Two of the ladies that didn't know we had changed from Thank-you cards to Christmas tags. Made these: The one on the left is my FAVORITE!!!!

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EmmaP said...

OOOH! i just LOVE card swaps! I have a whole boxful of all types of handmade cards! I do about 4 swaps per year and there is usually between 20-40 women! I also did a scrapbook swap once - that was fun too. Good thing there were only 10 of us!