Sunday, October 19, 2008

Apple Hill

Last weekend Ira and I went to visit Apple Hill, It's a place about an hour down the "hill" from Tahoe. About 50 or so orchard farms open their "doors". You can drive around the 10 or so miles stretch or hop on the bus that takes around to each from . We decided to drive.

We had such a great day, laughing and joking with each other. We walked around and looked at all the neat crafts fare's and watch one farm make apple cider (mmmm).

We didn't take very many pictures. (I forgot to put new batteries in the camera.) But on one farm they had and "back in the day" museum. It was interesting to see how they harvested the fields or farms "back in the day".

We found a Farm that had all kinds of fruits that you could buy. We got a box of apples and a box of pears. I've already canned the pears and tomorrow I'll be making applesauce. Wanna Help???


Leah said...

Yay for Apple Hill! I just love that place! I'd be glad to help with the applesauce, if you really want it! Just give me a call.

EmmaP said...

you've already canned the pears? Awesome! you go girl!

ann said...

I love to make apple sauce. I would love to come and help.......But that might not work out to well, I would probably show up after you were done!Ha!