Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I got this from the Mindless Banterer, I thought it was worth doing myself.

I Am: Always late to everything thing! Work, Church, My in-laws house, Even Doctors Appts.

I Want: to be completely out of debt!

I Have: The man of my dreams! He means everything to me.

I Wish: I owned my own home, so I could decorate and paint the way I want

I Could: Go to Indiana for a visit!

I Hate: Feeling like someone is better than me.

I Fear: Losing my Husband and never having children

I Hear: The sounds of the library (I'm at work)

I Search: for Answers Daily!

I Don't Think: I'll EVER be out of debt

I Regret: Not going to the Temple every month

I Love: My Family. I'm so grateful that they are mine and I get to have them for Eternity

I Ache For: Spending time with my mom.

I Always: Say my Prayers, Everyday

I Am Not: a dirty person. I feel that everything in my house has a spot and it should be put away after I (or anyone else) use it.



I Never: Intentionally hurt anyone. And I feel SO terrible if I have.

I Rarely: make commitments that I can't follow thru on.

I Cry When: Some one hurts me, or my family. When I watch Sappy Movies or talk about my dad. Really, I Cry just about everyday about something.

I Watch: Just about anything. Mostly FUNNY shows or Movies

I Am Not Always: as organized as I would like to be.

I Hate that: I let people get to me.

I Am Confused About: work sometimes. Sometimes I just Don't know what to do.

I Need: A VACATION!!!!!!!!! Maybe Hawaii???

I Should: Probably get back to work... I mean they are paying me to do something right???


EmmaP said...

hahaha! funny!!! good job!

Anonymous said...

I love this......I will copy it and blog also. I cry everyday too. Sometimes missing Dad, sometimes missing you. I love you.

Love MOM