Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Ira goes fishing almost every weekend. He and his dad have found a new spot the really like. Well I normally stay home. Not that I don't like fishing, I just like to be home on my day's off. Every time they go out it's the samething Ira will call when he's about ready to turn on our street and ask me to open the garage door. The boys go CRAZY!!! Because They hear the truck pull up but "dad" hasn't come in yet. So they pace back and forth between the front door and the back door and then come and look at me and it all begins again.

Drake and Remington pacing back and forth

Finally both Grandpa and dad!!!!!!! they were happy!!!!


EmmaP said...

cute. maybe you can teach them to howl, "I'm so glad when daddy comes home" bwahahahaha! it'd make a nice "father's day" gift!

ann said...

that is so funny, Emma And I were thinking the same thing!

Amy said...

Bella does that too, when she hears the garage door she knows Sydney's home....and when she leaves she crys...its so pathetic