Monday, May 7, 2012


On May 3rd we said goodbye to our beloved dog Drake. 
Drake went to the vet to get neutered on Wednesday. We brought him home Wednesday afternoon and was having a really hard time waking up. I placed a call to the vet and she said that he had a really hard time going under, and to just watch him. 

Thursday morning around 5am I took Drake out to go potty, brought him back inside he went and laid down by Ira and was having a really hard time breathing. I called the vet again and he told us to meet him at the office. On the way to the office Drake took his last breath. 
We tried everything, Ira did CPR (if that's what you call it for a dog) all the way to the vet. 
The vet doesn't know for sure what happened, only that he suspected a blood clot to his lung or heart. 

As anyone would know by reading our blog, our pets are like our children. 

 In fact they are our children.

I feel so blessed to have all the sympathy from friends.  

It was so unexpected. Remington is having a hard time getting used to Drake being gone. 

We are learning that Drake was the dominate dog, 
Remington only eats out of "his" bowl (I didn't know they  each had there own). 
He only walks on the right side of us when we take him for walks. 

Drake was such a friendly dog, it will take a long time to fill that hole in our hearts

I honestly didn't think the cat would be effected by the loss of Drake. 
In the 6 years that we've had no name, she has NEVER slept on the couch. I walked in the living room to her sleeping in Drake's spot. 

It's so strange to us to come home and not have Drake sitting by the door jumping up and down and so happy to see us! 
I know, that Drake is living the good life with my dad, 
playing with all the chew toys that have gone before him



Amy said...

Awww Em I loved this tribute to Drake! He seemed like such an amazing dog. I am also very happy that you are blogging again, maybe I should start too?? anyway I love your layout its very pretty!! love you so much!!

TrudyFilbert said...

He was an amazing dog! I loved it when he would sneek in to my room and crawl in bed with me. Of course I couldn't breath because he was so big, but I loved it!!!!!