Friday, November 18, 2011

Hogle Zoo

For my Birthday... Well I'm not so sure it was for that special day...

Ira and I took a little trip to the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake
If you look just above the electrical boxes you can see the Lion. She was growling. Kinda scary!!!

We love going to the zoo. It has been one of our favorite things to do since we got married!

We of course had to stop and check out the ducks. Ira was a little jealous because ALL of the ducks and geese we saw had a band on them.
(In the hunting world, it is a awesome day when you get a banded duck.)

I remember one year when Ira and I were first married, We skipped church and drove to Chicago to go to the Brookfield zoo. That by far was the best zoo we've been too.

All of the monkey's or monkey type animals were ON something!!! The few that we saw here I think these are chimpanzee's..(I don't remember)
They were really cute, and were in the grooming mood. The one on the far right would just sit there and all the others would come to it and just lay down in front of her and she would just groom them.

This one keep putting on a show for us.
I think this one was peeing.
(Don't I just capture the moment!)

We missed the Elephant show... Too bad I love Elephants!
The Hogle Zoo just had a baby Elephant this year

There is only a piece of THIN glass between this guy and me.
Nice Rhino!!!

My favorite stop! I LOVE giraffes. I was watching a show one time and they were showing how giraffes fight... They swing there necks way far out and hit each other with there heads!
Aren't they pretty!
Silly giraffes and their black tongues!

I was concerned about this camels hump. See how it's all floppy. It's floppy because this camel is using it's stored fat. I didn't know that. But Ira did!
See how much you learn from going to the zoo!

Our last stop was this gorilla. She, was HUGE!
Plus! She really liked picking her nose and eating it.
Not just a little pick. She was GOING TO TOWN!!!

I think she was a little embarrassed because she tried to hide behind a tree to pick her nose!
We are so excited to go back next summer.
They are getting Polar Bears!!!


EmmaP said...

fun! my favorite zoo was the one in Washington D.C.

Amy said...

I love the ZOO!!! great pic's!!

TrudyFilbert said...

Such a great day! Love fun days like this!