Friday, September 9, 2011


So I found a tutorial on how to make fabric flowers for your hair. I thought I'd try it out. 

It was way easy! Here are a few I tried.

All you need is:
*Hot glue gun
* Silky type fabric
*Circle shapes
*Hair clips (you can find these fairly cheap at Sally's Beauty Supply)

  1. First you trace your circle shapes, you want several different sizes 

 Then you cut out your shapes and burn the edges with your candle. Careful, It's hot!!! :)

 Then hot glue your shapes together biggest to little. 
Either decorate it with beads you have laying around or a button.

 Then to attach it to a hair clip; cut smaller circles and glue one to the bottom of your flower and the other to your hair clip, then glue them together.

I can't wait to fix my hair all pretty and wear them!!! 


Amber Barrows said...

Way cute! Great idea for Christmas presents

Amy said...

cute!!! your so crafty lately!!!

EmmaP said...

Way cute!