Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Favorite Summertime tool!

This is my Favorite tool to use in the summertime.
The FURminator is the best dog brush EVER! It's like a razor type comb that gets ALL the loose fur off of your animal... Below is a picture (sorry not a very good one) of the hair I got from both dogs! 

You can find my favorite tool  HERE

(It doesn't look like much, but it's all bunched up It was a TON of dog hair... I had to empty my vacuum twice)
Tonight was bath, brush and brush your teeth night for the dogs! 

I have clean puppies and they have fresh breath... 

I do have to say that they LOVE the bath and the they LOVE getting brushed

BUT the teeth brushing, they don't like that so much. 
Drake just wants to lick the doggie toothpaste and Remington just wants to hide his head in my armpit.  

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EmmaP said...

Aside of wanting to throw up in my mouth over the sight of that much fur, that's a pretty cool tool! :)