Monday, July 25, 2011

New Old Couch!

This is our couch that we got FREE on KSL.
 It was OK. Not the prettiest thing ever but it worked for now. HEY it was free

Here is our NEW old couch! Again Free on KSL. 
It's green, not my first choice but it was free. 

  1. Side note! This is a typical Sunday in our house. Ira in his Sunday clothes watching TV.  Take a look at this picture...

I love it!


TrudyFilbert said...

really nice! I like green so it suites me just fine!!!!

EmmaP said...

WHAT??? A FREE COUCH LIKE THAT??? I should start looking on KSL more.

Amy said...

Very nice find!!! and I love your project!!! I want to do it too!!!!