Sunday, July 24, 2011

Elkhart Reunion


While mom was here we were able to go to SLC for a Lived in Elkhart and relocated to Utah Reunion

It was great to see everyone, people I haven't seen in um..... 15 years??? 
(I'm getting old, and I have the grey hair to prove it)

 Here's Jessica (in the purple) and Emma (Sitting) Even though we all live in the same state we just don't get to see each other very often. 

Although Jessica wasn't telling anyone at this time. She's sportin' a 4 month old prego belly... She by no means is a fatty  (Happy Jess??)

Here's Amber and Bill. 

It was so great to see everyone! I can't wait to see everyone next year!


jessiewessie said...

Ahhhhhh! If you're going to post a picture of fatty you would be kind to mention that I am pregnant!! =)

Emily said...

Fine! It's taken care of.

Amy said...

congrats jessica!!!

jessiewessie said...