Saturday, April 2, 2011


This is Remington with his glowing eyes! Here is a little about him.

He is a Lab.

He loves us.

 He loves balls.

 The other night C, A, K, C, and C came over for dinner They had just finished with soccer practice, K wanted to show us her new soccer ball. 

Well, my dear sweet Remington

Grabbed it.

Popped it!

and now carries it around WHERE EVER HE GOES!
Have you ever seen a dog poop with a soccer ball hanging out of his mouth?
I HAVE! Kinda ugly!
It is very funny when you take the ball away from him and give it to Drake. Remington will run to Ira and just kinda whimper like he's tattling on me.

This is our kitchen.
It's a really big room. But THIS is all the cupboard space I have. It's ugly!

One day I walked into the said ugly kitchen and heard meowing and I couldn't find the cat. Well she had figured out a way to get under the sink and hide among the cleaners... and couldn't figure out how to get out.
Dumb Cat!

Here's another random rambling about the cat! At Night Ira and I get all snuggled in bed, all is quiet in our home and by the morning all the drawers in our bathroom are open and sometimes the drawers in our dresser are open, with socks hanging out or random clothes. Sometimes I find the cat sleeping in those drawers.
I'm telling you something is wrong with our animals!


Amy said...

awww they are so cute!!!!

TrudyFilbert said...

poor ball!