Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tacos, The best meal in the world!!!

By far this is the BEST meal that my sister has ever made for me!!! This Secret (it's a secret right Amy) taco recipe comes from my BIL's family and they have had TACO NIGHT since he was a wee little boy.

He says you can only eat Taco's with a BIG glass of Pepsi... There were nights when Amy would call me at work (long ago when I worked at the Elkhart Public Library) all she would say was It's TACO NIGHT.. and I would stop and pick up the Pepsi and rush right over from work.

We would STUFFED ourselves with taco's!!! and then veg' out and watch one or two movies.

Now, Because the Husband and I live FAR FAR AWAY... I have had to learn how to make these YUMMY YUMMY taco's

Ira and I still have TACO nights... But I go for Dr. Pepper instead of Pepsi.


ann said...

Are we going to share how to make these yummy toco's?

michelle said...

Dr.Pepper rules!!!!!!!!

Darcy said...

Whatever... you'll brag about amazing yummy tacos and even take pictures... but you won't share the recipe! You're evil.

Ruthykins said...

love the new layout. it's nice that you have a good taco recipe. i hope that brings you a lot of pleasure.

Amy said...

LOL....wow people get mean when there is a secret out there.....but Em I give you permission to share the Taco recipe, they look really yummy you did a good job! Yes I miss you coming over like that we had so much fun!!!! <3

ps....i would go for the pepsi though!!!

EmmaP said...

i should know by now NOT to read blog posts about food when I am HUNGRY!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Taco Night! We do that at my house too!!! I love it! oh and also, I have discovered that the cannery has really awesome (dehydrated) refried beans! they are BETTER then the cans of refried beans I get from the grocery store!!! you should try 'em if you like refried beans... hmm... think the "ox is in the mier" if I want tacos on a sunday but dont have the fixins??? (tee hee)