Monday, February 9, 2009

Clean House

I am a HUGE fan of the Show Clean House With my favorite DIVA Niecy Nash.

Visit the Clean House website HERE

I wonder how in the WORLD these people let their homes get THAT bad.

I know I've blogged about this before....

I've spent all day CLEANING and ORGANIZING my house.
My SIL every time I tell her I've spent the day cleaning my house; she always asks what do I have to possibly clean??


Living room:

clothes everywhere clean clothes in a laundry basket that just needed put away, dirty socks (my darling husband doesn't know how to put them in the basket in the closet) SHOES EVERYWHERE, and of course other odds and ends that I just haven't put away.


dirty dishes, I don't think we had a clean dish in the house, and some laundry
(our washer and dryer are in a closet in the kitchen)

Our Bedroom:

I think this was cleanist room in the house, all our clothes were in the living room and kitchen. All I had to do in here was make our bed and dust.

I swept and mopped all of the floors washed the windows clean our closets vacuumed corners and got rid of all the dust bunnies.

For me it feels so good to have a clean home, it makes me in a better mood, (which makes my husband happy) and I don't have to worry if someone just happens to drop by. Now I will tell you that on most days if you come to my house, it is clean! I'm not like one of those people you'll find on Clean House. Those people really make me CRAZY.

For the sake of embarrassment I am not posting before pictures just after
Our CLEAN kitchen

Living room and Dining room area. I even dusted the TV

Our Guest bathroom

And our Bedroom yes, the Bed takes up MOST of the room.


ann said...

Who wants a clean house? HAY!! Yes I watch this show as well! I think it is so funny! I keep thinking wonder what they have under all that crap that is good!! Good job on keeping your house clean!!

Ruthykins said...

i don't think i need to call niecy just yet. she'll just tell me this is foolishness.

EmmaP said...

i used to be more anal about a clean house. but kids get older and then i am gone during the day. at night it's dinner, homework, running kids here and there... ugh. i need a man. a man who cleans. j/k how about a man that makes enough $ for me to stay home and have the clean house again! hee hee. good job!

michelle said...

so I must make you crazy!!

Leah said...

Nicely done! You need to come to my house and help me!