Tuesday, December 23, 2008

No Name

So Here's our Cat No name. Some Call her Shark Bait. Others call her Socks. This is her favorite place to "perch". Last night Ira put her up there and that's where she stayed until he was done in the kitchen.

The other day I was making dinner and she jumps up on the counter (EKK! Cat's don't belong on the counter! I didn't know she could jump that high)I see her looking around trying to figure out how to get higher. UGH!
Naughty Cat... I wonder what she does while we aren't home????

Just Kickin' it on Ira's Shoulder


Amy said...

wow, she got big!

Aaron and crystal said...

What happened to the LITTLE kitty we knew?

Ruthykins said...

devil cat! devil cat! look at its eyes!