Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Eye

Ira was tinkering in the garage welding and grinding his boat trailer. Well As always, safety comes first, Well most of the time. Ira was grinding away on his trailer and forgot to put his safety glasses on. Yep you know where this is going, he got a piece of metal in his eye. It took all day and part of the evening for me to convince him to go to the hospital. and after forcing him to lay on the floor and force his eye open and flush his eye with eye wash. (UGH!!!) Well we got to the ER at 11:30 and they put us in a room right away. The doctor came in and (who looked like Dana Carvey from Master of disguise..."turtle turtle") He was able to find the piece of metal, which wasn't any bigger than a tip of a safety pin. He gave Ira some drops to get the rust out of his eye and we were on our way with in an hour.


Leah said...

Poor Ira! I'm glad that it wasn't too serious and you were in and out of the ER quick! (we're finally home, what are you doing this week?)

EmmaP said...

Ouchy-wa-wa!!! Poor thing! Good job for making him go! Hello - can you say BLIND???

Amy said...

Glad he is okay now!!! Be carefull Ira!!!