Saturday, August 9, 2008

Wii Fit

Last year for my birthday Ira surprised me with a Nintendo wii... LOVE IT!!! as you have read on my on going list of 100 things about me, I love to play a game or two, when I get home from work to unwind get all by built up energy out on some poor sap who is bowling or playing tennis against me.
Well a week ago I asked Ira if we could get Wii fit. (A game that goes along with the wii) He says sure. So we venture off to Walmart and start our search for the game. Unfortunately, they were out, we had them call the other walmart in town and they were out...bummer it looks like we'll have to wait till tomorrow to get it. Tomorrow comes and I call Ira and ask if he could go to Toy's R US, They HAVE to have it, they have everything; OUT!!! Ira then tells me to call around to see who has this game. I begin, I called EVERY WALMART IN RENO!!!!!(we have about 10 of them) They are all out. I call EVERY TARGET; OUT!!! I call EVERY GAMESTOP; OUT! It dawns on me that I didn't call the Game stop in Carson, So I call, THEY HAVE ONE!!!!! and will hold it for me for 20min's.... I call Ira, blah blah, Emily, I'm at Cabela's, clear on the other side of Reno it will take him at least 45 min. to get back to Carson, DANG IT so close... Then the thought occurs to me.. I can make it to Carson in 15 min. (if I don't hit traffic) By the way, I'm at work while this is all going on. I jump in the car and zoom off to the store. I run into the store just as the guy says, well I don't think she's coming, I'M HEAR!!!!!!!! I grab it, pay for it and ZOOM back to Dayton. I really think I would have 10 or so traffic violations if I would have gotten pulled over. I HAVE WII FIT!!!! I NEVER thought it would be THAT hard to buy a game.... I think I have now become a gamer.... EKK!!!!
More about wii fit: I encourage you if you are wanting to get in shape to purchase a wii, and buy wiifit. We bought it on Tuesday and already I've lost 2.5 pounds. The first night Ira and I were going thru all the steps to set it up and set our goals to where we want to be in a month. It was so fun! Really you don't feel like your working out at all. They have game on there like hoola hooping, Skiing, Ski jump, a Dance step. It really is worth the it.


ann said...

sounds like fun! who knew getting in shape could be sooooo fun!!!

Amy said...

Em, too cool, I have heard from a few people about these, I'm glad for you. It sounds cool!