Thursday, July 10, 2008

100 Things about me...

21. I make all my own Birthday/Greeting cards

22. Ruth Miller and I married Brothers

23. I lived in Utah Twice

24. I love to read books about organizing things

25. My Favorite Holiday is Thanksgiving

26. My favorite show of all time is Saved by the bell.

27. My dishes have to be done every night before I go to bed

28. I HATE it when other people fold my laundry

29. I love it when I get letters or cards in the mail

30. My favorite meal is Chicken Noodles and mashed potatoes

Well there is 10 more...


EmmaP said...

so Emily... Slater or Zack??? Or perhaps you were more of a Screech Fan!!! ha ha ha.

ann said...

oh that is so sad!!! do you watch stiil? I was a zack fan but thought kelly was a SLUT!! OOP's did I say that?

I can't stand other people folding my laundry either!

And CN&MP is my fav. meal to! It must have been a childhood thing you know "good food great memories" that type of thing.

keep going it gets harder!

Darcy said...

I guess I need your Chicken Noodles recipe. Also, I watched Saved By The Bell every day after school. Everyone I knew did too. I think it was on TBS so we all knew every episode. I've never thought about it, but I don't like other people folding my laundry either. They always do it wrong- unless it's blankets.

ciciray said...

Yep I agree C&N are the best! And I don't know what if feels like to have other people fold my laundry, but I'm sure I would hate it!! I love getting cards to, but with the internet I don't get many of them thease days :)

Arianne said...

I used to hate having other people folding my laundry too. Now I'm just glad that it is taken care of. I think we may go back to pioneer times where my kids have one pair of clothes to wear, while their second is being washed. Ha!
I LOVE getting mail (not junk mail), too. Guess it's a good reason to do card swap so we can spread the joy!
Love your site, Emily.