Thursday, July 3, 2008

100 Things about me...

My sister thinks that if I have enough time to change my background I have enough time to blog... I guess I do. Both of my sisters have made lists of 100 things about them, so I thought I'd do one about me. I'm guessing most of you know most or at least one thing on the list. I won't be posting it all at once but a little at a time. Here goes:

100 things about me!

  1. I was born in Elkhart, IN
  2. I'm number 6 of 6 children
  3. I have 2 sisters and 3 brothers
  4. I've been married for 4 years
  5. I've lived in NV for (almost) 2 years
  6. I have grey hair, not all but some. (I color it)
  7. I love watching Family Guy (sssshhhh, don't tell anyone)
  8. I have two dogs, Drake and Remington
  9. I'm the Manager at the Dayton Valley Branch Library
  10. I love playing cards.. right now it's Hand and Foot and 10 and 2
  11. I love cooking/baking. I LOVE trying new recipes
  12. My favorite part of Sunday is singing time in Primary
  13. I (and Ira) want only one child to be named either Ocea or Olivia (Ocea after Ira's great grandma)
  14. All of the girls in my family married guys that have birthdays on they same day of the the month. (IE: Ira and I both have birthday's the the 25th mine September and his in June)
  15. I have to and I mean HAVE TO always be right, ALWAYS
  16. After work, I love to come home and play my Nintendo WII Mostly Mario Kart
  17. I love to organize ANYTHING... and put labels on on all containers
  18. My favorite store is The Container Store ( )
  19. Most nights I fall asleep with a book in my hands.
  20. I sell Pampered Chef

Well there's 20, More to come...


ciciray said...

Yeah! I am so glad you are doing this, and some of thease things are news to me, well maybe only 2 but Cool!! We missed you guys sooo much yesterday! I wish you could have been there with us. We love you :)

Trudy Filbert said...

Cool! you always need to be right? I can't believe it.

EmmaP said...

Cool! it is fun getting to know you better!!!

ann said...

this is so fun! I am learning great things about you!!!

Darcy said...

1. Love the background. So cute!
2. You have to be right all the time.... no way!!
3. I didn't know you wanted only one child. What will you name it if he's a boy.