Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Back from Womans Conference

We had a great time this year at Women's Conference!!!!! The Best part about the conference, is that we had a surprise speaker! President Monson Spoke to us at the closing of the conference! It was such a great experience to listen to him. Of course when we walked in the room we all stood, and sang "We thank thee, oh god for a Prophet" His opening Line was, " I was sitting there seeing all these women thinking how many Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches were being prepared for Dinner tonight." We are talking about 20, 000 + women sitting in the Marriott Center. When He left, He waved at us all and gave us a big thumbs up! We also attend some classes about searching the scriptures and anger management. and A few others. I'm hoping next year to get my mom and Sisters to attend. You get so much out of the conference; spiritual and educational! I was also able to spend time with my VERY best friend and her family. Over all we had a great week, Shopping and Eating, and Eating, and Shopping. and of course spending time together.

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ciciray said...

I'm glad you had fun!!!