Sunday, December 30, 2007

Our Puppies

So Ira and I have no Children(right now), instead we have two yellow labs. Drake and Remington they are best of dog friends. One never goes anywhere without the other. Lots of times Remington litteraly sleeps on Drake. Poor boy, when he looks at you, you can just tell that he hates it, but he takes it anyway. Today Ira and I were going to his parents house, well I don't trust the dogs to leave them roaming the house. So, Drake is put in the laundry room and Remington in his kennel in my sewing room. Well Remington didn't want to go in the kennel he ran into the laundry room and hid behind Drake. (I swear they are little people) So I tell Remington to come on and he turns his back on me to face the wall like he can't hear me. Finally I get him to come and he goes right in his kennel. That dog! He's got one strange doggie personallity. Well Here's a picture of them.

This is Drake.

and here's Remington. (He looks so naughty)


ann said...

it doesn't get better! thay stay naughty for ever. Mason did the turn your back on us many times. They say that they take on the owners traits, i believe they do.

ann said...

your getting better at this posting thing Keep it up we like lots of posting!!!!!